#Repost @nikhilchinapa ・・・ Task review: Before the task, I had the advantage of placing Iram in a gang of my choice. Most people thought I’d choose Raftaar’s gang, but in an attempt to keep my gang safe, I placed her in Neha’s. At this point in time, we hadn’t been told that Nikav and Iram had immunity, so in my head I figured that win or lose, our alliance would have more options in the vote outs if Neha’s gang had four people rather than both Neha and Raftaar having 3 each. For some reason, the same Roadies who’re constantly at each other’s throats, have the milk of human kindness overflowing from them when opposing gangs get whittled down. They wouldn’t target a gang with two members, but 4 members is a whole different deal. Raftaar and I formed one team for the task and I felt confident going into it as he’s a really good driver. The Shruti-Geetika duo performed really well but my car was stuck in 2 wheel drive - and the knob to switch it to 4-wheel had a GoPro camera fixed in front of it. I finally ripped the camera out to get to the control knob, but we’d lost far too much time. Prince as always, nailed it. He’s made these Renault Duster tasks his own and baring the one dropped pot (which they recovered safely) and the one tongue lashing directed at Nishkarsh - their team always looked in control. Before the task he extracted a promise from Neha to protect Mini, but Neha’s promise was apparently not binding on her gang. 📷: @ashishjparmar + @rjdeigg.

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