@vindiesel - Late Last night I was caught taking a nap on set late during a lens change...And by on set I mean on Vin. Growing up I watched this man through XXX and fast... First I imagined what it would be like to be him, As I got older I wondered how it would be to work with him. He was the hero and anti hero in one. He protected people but unlike other secret agents on the screen - I related to Vin. His energy was always so palpable. He always made me laugh, he did the best stunts and he ALWAYS got the girl. Yet he didn't take himself seriously..I wanted to live like that. I never dreamed I'd step into a role from a movie I grew up watching, with a guy I idolized who I probably had a poster of on my wall. My life is always surprising me and I am always grateful but more than the work I get to do and dream I get to live, I'm grateful for the people I have met who love me as I am and are true friends. Like my man Vin.. Who is a reminder to always stay true to yourself and always trust your destiny. When I was young I escaped through movies.. Now I hope to be in movies that you can escape into and find laughter, confidence to be you, hope or even just a break from the situations you may be facing. Xox

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