(set 3) (swipe left) 'Historically, women have sometimes been arrested or charged with public indecency, disturbing the peace, or lewd behaviour for baring their breasts in public' While it is perfectly acceptable for a man to go topless :-/ . A conversation that started with a friend..over a photo that was reported on @instagram and taken down because the woman's nipples were visible in it..got me thinking. This little photo story is a result of that. It ridiculous, that the same people who get offended by the sight of a woman's nipples have absolutely no problem with men showing theirs? nipples = nipples nipples = nipples There are bigger, more horrific issues that women deal with on a daily basis, by the second. But here, on a platform that urban earthlings use daily..let's start small. This is not just about a nipple. This is about EQUALITY. #freethenipple

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