It’s hard to put into words what I feel for you, but I can only say that you are the most important human being in my life! Thankyou for making my life so beautiful.. though Iam not very expressive when it comes to us and the first one when it comes to taking digs at you but right now I only want to say that baby you are one of the nicest, most talented, caring and one of the most hardworking person I’ve met, because you work at our relationship with as much care and focus as you do while hosting on the stage or maybe more🤔 because you make me laugh everyday and get my stupid jokes too😋because you tell me Iam beautiful every single day☺️ because you are such a good son and brother and friend😘 because you never give up on our relationship no matter what! You always see the best in me and that is something I need to learn from you.. Thankyou baby for holding me when I fall, looking at me the way you do, putting up with my shit and mainly for being my partner♥️ I love you maddoooo!

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