Posted on James Gunn's Facebook page.. his Guardians 2 Pic of the Day #GotGPicoftheDay Dave Bautista (Batista) with his team of experts who did his makeup every day. These guys upped their game tremendously from the first movie. They fixed the scars prosthetics so that they would fit Dave more snugly (he would often look like a Shar-Pei at the end of a day of shooting). In addition, they sped up the appliance process from nearly five hours on the first movie to an hour and a half on the second film. AND it looks so much better! If you see all the early rave reviews for Dave's performance, talking about how much he upped his game from the first to the second movie, it's worth giving these guys a shoutout for facilitating his creative expression! Thanks, guys! And the artists from left to right.. Matt Sprunger Jon Ginge Moore Brian Sipe Robin Pritchard This was the base Team Drax. We would often have a 5th person come in and help us with prepping prosthetics. Thanks to: Alexei Dmitriew Scott Stoddard Mike Mekash Mark Ross Laura Dandridge Kevin Kirkpatrick And of course... many thanks to our lens tech Nicki Harris and when things got busy, Sean Kenney.

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