I HAD to post this. Thank you @naujawan this is hilarious! And sadly the truth. To all the MORONS here who think i'm doing this because I want to post topless photos of myself..you've totally missed the point. I can post topless photos of myself ANYWAY. I will do what I want, I don't need anybody's permission for it you see because it's MY BODY. This movement is about EQUALITY. This movement is about women getting the SAME RIGHTS as men. This movement is about FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. About women EMPOWERING themselves to be who they want without judgement. Do you know women get paid less than a man for the same amount of work? Do you know society still expects a woman to drop her career when she gets married? Do you know that because feminists have fought for you women can now get their rightful inheritance? They can file for divorce? Because of asking for equality now more women can get an education, be financially independent and support themselves? That dowry has been criminalised? Ladies..we owe A LOT to the feminists. As Arundhati Roy said in an interview with @otherwarya (that really changed how I felt about feminism).." I get so annoyed when I hear "cool" young women say 'I'm not a feminist.' I mean, do they know what battles were fought? Every freedom we have today, we have because of feminists. Many women have fought and paid a huge price for where we are today! It didn't all come to us only because of our own inherent talent or brilliance. Even the simple fact that women have the vote, who fought for that? The suffragettes. No freedom has come without a huge battle. If you're not a feminist, go back to into your veil, sit in the kitchen and take instructions. You don't want to do that? Thank the feminists." She goes on to say "It's wonderful to see the emerging independence of women in India, but then there's this dark undercurrent of conservatism running parallel to this revolution. Remember the women in Afghanistan? When we were growing up, they were doctors and surgeons, they partied and wore cool clothes. And now? We have to be alert to the dangers. We can be set back by centuries in no time at all." NEVER FORGET #freethenipple #equality

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